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Monthly Focus - Pre-school - December 2021

  • This month we will be making holiday decorations such as wreath, clay ornaments and holiday crafts from their friends.

  • We will also be baking some delicious treats to give Santa for been such good boys and girls.

  • We will be preparing to write the letters from our name getting ready for school.

Thursday 9th December - Christmas Jumper Day

On Christmas Jumper Day children can wear their favourite Christmas jumpers and festive headwear.

Wednesday 15th December - Christmas Party

1. The venue of the party is Scuba Club, Gooshays Drive, Romford, RM3 9LB.

2. Unfortunately, we would no longer be able to accommodate the parents attending the party this year as the venue is only allowed to accommodate up to a certain number due to covid restrictions and regulations.

Please see the relevant sections below for your children.

Children attending nursery on that day:

· They will arrive to nursery on their regular times.

· They will have to be collected from the venue (Scuba Club) by 6pm.

Children not attending the nursery but coming ONLY for the party:

· Ducklings and Toddlers must be dropped off at 4:30pm at the nursery.

· Pre-school 1 and Pre-school 2 must be dropped off at 3:30pm at the nursery.

· Please collect your children from the venue (Scuba Club) by 5:30pm.

We wholeheartedly apologize for any inconvenience this move may have caused. We will ensure to take and share lots of photos on social media for the parents.

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