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Meet the Management 

When I became a mother I found the whole prospect of returning to work quite daunting. I wanted the very best nursery to place my children, however, I never thought I found a provision that completely met their needs and maximised their future prospects. 

This gave me the motivation to open Bright Futures Nurseries and Out of School Clubs.

Naturally, I wanted the very best start for my own children, and this is what drives me to provide the very best start for your children too. The objective for Bright Futures was to develop a nursery that provided children with the necessary skills to become happy and productive members of society by empowering them and meeting their needs through a well planned and balanced curriculum, this will, in turn, provide them with the confidence to achievement.

Kind regards
Seraphina Lewis

Hello, my name is Elizabeth, my 4 children are all grown up now; in fact, I have 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren and have been a foster and respite career for over 30 years. I have dedicated my whole career to ensuring better outcomes for children and this is how Bright Futures originated. My vision was to open a childcare facility that would genuinely give children the very best start in life. If you stumble across a nursery were the children’s needs and interests are at the core of their practices, you have probably found a Bright Futures Nursery; because this is the thinking behind our whole philosophy.


Best Wishes
Elizabeth Saibu

Every morning I look forward to creating a positive difference in the lives of our children and contributing towards a better society. 

I have been doing this since 2002. It is absolutely essential to prepare our children for the challenges they will face in the ever so competitive world we live in today and the most effective way of being prepared for tomorrow is by employing innovative and creative methodologies of learning. 

At Bright Futures we strive to provide our children with all the tools they require by planning activities around their interests and ensuring that their learning journeys are filled with fun and play. 

We aim to produce heroes of the future; would you, as a parent, like to be a part of it? 

Shaheena Siraj 
Area Manager

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