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The children’s safety is at the top of our list of priorities, we have comprehensive procedures in place to ensure that high levels of practice are adhered to.

Each setting has a parent’s notice board which displays an overview of the policies and procedures. Full details and copies of all the policies and procedure are available on request.



 Food & Nutrition

Good food works in partnership with healthy development and it is for that reason every meal we serve has been carefully selected with wholesome ingredients.

Our menus meet all of the children's dietary requirements, every meal has an alternative to ensure any children with allergies, or children with specific dietary requirements still enjoy a varied and tasty diet. All our meals are prepared freshly on each premise daily by a qualified chef. Milk and fresh filtered water is available throughout the day.

Mealtimes are a special time at Bright Futures. Before every meal, the children wind down with classic, relaxing or meditating music. Whilst at the meal table, children are encouraged to have reflection time and engage in meaningful conversation as a group, whilst still maintaining good table manners.

The children are encouraged to set the table and older children meals are served buffet style so they can help themselves giving them some ownership of their well being.


Partnership with parents

Partnership with parents is one of the fundamental principles that make Bright Futures a unique nursery. We operate an open-door policy for parents.

Parents are viewed as a key resource for their children’s learning. So to ensure we are providing a service complete to the needs of the whole family unit, we meet with parents regularly to review practices and we encourage parents to become involved in their children’s learning by consulting them about how we plan and deliver services to the children.

Throughout the year we will have a number of events that parents will be invited to attend and celebrate with their children.


    We have a “Learn Through Play” philosophy. We have a very unique way of delivering our curriculum. Our staff will undertake comprehensive training specially tailored for Bright futures to execute the vision of “Empowering Children so they Produce Productivity.” We draw on the perspective of the entire grand theorist to develop a very unique and varied way of learning.

    Precise and accurate planning is the key to our successful outcomes for children; we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. Every child will have their own personal Key Worker who will observe and plan an individual curriculum to meet their individual needs. The key worker will work closely with parents and will be available to speak daily should there be any concerns regarding your child’s learning or welfare.


The outdoor environment is viewed as a fundamental part of the curriculum we offer children. The garden is incorporated into the Key Workers plans to ensure it is an extension of the classroom. The children will have an opportunity to harvest their own crop and learn about the principles of growing vegetables, to celebrate the children’s work they will have the opportunity to use their produce within the nursery kitchen.
The outdoor equipment has been carefully selected to ensure the garden maintains a play-based feel whilst meeting all of the children’s physical and creative needs, so there is a selection of bikes, scooters, mark making resources and skipping ropes etc.

Forest School is a new government initiative to which we will be fully implementing into our curriculum. Forest school allows children to explore the outdoors from a heuristic perspective using specialist equipment.

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Partnership with parents
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