We are committed to recruiting highly qualified and experienced staff. For this reason, we have rigorous recruitment procedures in place. We also place a high emphasis on staff retention. Retaining our staff is crucial to children’s development. To ensure this happens we have extensive programmes and incentives in place.

We view our staff as the heart of the nursery as they have the responsibility of delivering the curriculum as well as nurturing the children so they feel safe and secure.

We expect a high level of commitment and dedication from of our staff and in return, we offer staff the opportunity to make active progress within their career by offing educational opportunities at all levels including under/postgraduate level, promotion, and specialist roles and responsibilities within the organisation.

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Bright Futures Nursery

173 Gooshays Drive

Harold Hill


01708 606 611

Bright Futures Nursery (preschool)

Sapphire Jubilee Community Centre

Bolberry Road



07427 236 611