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Harold Hill Branch

Ducklings Art


In Ducklings we had the babies from age range of 3months to 2years old. Our babies love to play in their large, bright which is well equipped with the sensory toys to extend their learning and encourage development.


In Toddlers we had the children from age range 2years to 3year old. In Toddlers the activities are planned to support the children's needs and development; these are influenced by ongoing observations and tailored to the children's development as well as free choice activities throughout the day.

Farm animals


Welcome to Preschool. In Preschool we make sure that our children are confident in their environment and in themselves as we are getting them ready for the transition to school. At preschool we are always expanding our vocabulary and improving on our communication skill through our playing and interaction with children and adults in the setting. We are developing our independence and sense of responsibility through doing things like looking after our belongings, dressing ourselves and developing our self-care skills.

Nature Garden

We have nice nature garden to let the children explore and adventure, we have a mud kitchen area along with the planting area to know how the plants will grow and what they need to grow. The children need lots of space to play and run around.

Nature Garden
Hackney leaflet
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