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Graduation Ceremony 2022

Buenas tardes !

What to say after such an awesome celebration!

It was an immense pleasure to see you all coming to support your children. The smile on families and friends’ faces and all the ovations were evidence of their pride for your little laureates. From the weather to the children’s performance, all went amazingly well, thank Preschool 1 & 2 team for your passion and devotion.

As mentioned earlier, we may be able to accommodate your child in the nursery during their settling sessions in their new schools in September until they fully start. If you are interested, please drop us an email by 15th August.

I, on behalf of Bright Futures Nursery, thank you all abundantly for being such great parents and partners of Bright Futures Nursery, and wish our leavers all the best for the future.

We wish our term time children and their families a restful summer break and look forward to seeing them again on 2nd September.

Kind regards

Blandine Tamtchap

Nursery Manager

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